Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Weigh in Wednesday

I thought it would be a good idea to link up with my friends Erin at She's a big star and Heather at Pretty Strong Medicine. Last week I weighed in and managed to maintain my weight. I wanted a loss but I wasn't too upset. This week, I weighed in and lost exactly one pound. Yay!
I will be in Antigua in 30 days and I would like to lose 3 or 4 more pounds. I'm not going to hold my breath though. I can't wait to enjoy a nice vacation. I'm trying to figure out my nutrition plan while I'm there. I think I will have to focus on the protein and not worry about the calories. This may be ambitious but I hope to run 3 miles every day. I will have another half marathon to run at the end of April. I'll want to keep the mileage coming.



  1. I'm so jealous, I want to go to Antigua! Or really just anywhere without snow!

  2. Maintenance can be as good as a loss. I'm still quite jealous of this trip you're taking...

  3. Great loss... I'm sure you'll lose at least a couple more before your vaca! And speaking of vaca, SO envious... sounds heavenly right about now!!


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