Monday, March 2, 2015

Stuff and things

++I'm late in posting and linking with Joey and Kristin. Or I'm early for this week. Whichever. I wasn't very motivated last week.
++It snowed, which wreaked havoc in my life. I couldn't run outside! It's only three weeks until the race and my long run was over two weeks ago and it was only 8 miles! I'm psyching myself out. I can totally run a half marathon. I've done two.
++You deserve a good post on the Red Coyote Pack Pint Runs, which will happen when the creative juices are flowing. And that is not today.
++Even without my long run, I still ate pizza. It was glorious. (As all pizza is.)
++I drank some good drinks this weekend. Last week, I maintained my weight. If I don't lose any this week, I'll blame this delicious concoction.
++Some kitties were very cold tonight. This is their finest hour. They aren't talking. If you don't believe how much these guys can talk, just hit up youtube with "talking bengals". You're welcome.


  1. You are going to do amazing at this half!!! :)

  2. Oh that drink...and the pizza. The pizza pictures you post make me want to go out for dinner.


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