Saturday, November 4, 2017

Hurricane Irma - September 11, 2017

Today was our final day in the Bahamas and we were determined to have fun! Please note all the closed businesses behind me. This is next to where the cruise ships park but they weren't due to arrive for two more days.

Fortunately, John Watling's distillery was open. Felix was pouring us some wonderful drinks and we were feeling quite good. But we were also hungry and there's no food at the distillery.

Down the hill was the Hark Rock Café and thankfully were open. The place was quite empty but we didn't mind. I enjoyed my cheese burger with a Kalik.

After lunch, we wandered back to John Watlings because everyone was still closed. After enjoying a good time with our Bahamian friends, we found that Subway was open (finally!) and had a small dinner before heading to bed.

There's one final day to recap of the trip but the hurricane part was definitely over for us.

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