Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Revitalized Synergy

Dear bloggy friends, Thank you for your inspiring posts. I am feeling ready to blog again. I plan to link up with you on all sorts of interesting posts such as High Five for Friday and the Instagrid party. I love your stories and hopefully you will enjoy mine. I will be sharing more about myself, my life, and my photos. I am passionate about many things including music (I am in the Copa Reefers band!), art, nutrition, fitness, stress relief, and pets (I have two Bengal kitties.) My goals from this online adventure is to have fun, meet new bloggy friends, and learn from others. I hope to have 100 readers by the end of the year. Someday I would like to make some money from this venture but I'm not in a rush for that. ;) One final question: how has blogging enriched your life? END

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