Wednesday, March 23, 2016

All Saints vegetarian dinner courtesy of Picasso Cafe, OKC

This dinner is hosted by the Chef's at Picasso Cafe every third Tuesday of the month. It's inspired by saints this month in honor of St. Patrick's Day. We opted for the wine pairings as well.
Starting out with a nice wine from California. I love the layout app that Instagram came out with! 
This salad was light, refreshing and I got hubby's tomatoes (good for me because I love them and he doesn't.)
Very often the dinner doesn't have any red wines. It must be the dishes the chef makes. It was great to have a pink noir from New Zealand. I like to imagine visiting the winery while I sip.
The succotash was fantastic and I loved those little potato strings. You can guess that those took some time to prep.
Another California Chardonnay, you can see that I took a photo of the description. It was yummy!
This dish was rather difficult to break into. That cabbage did not want to budge with my knife. Inside was a sweet savory combination. I enjoyed it, especially with the wine.
This was a fun Zinfandel from California. I remember it was easy on the palate.
This was the main course. It had a very light sauce and mushrooms with capers. Hubby loves capers and I know he enjoyed the dish. I think he wanted a second helping because he was noshing on chips after we got home. I felt the servings were appropriately sized.
My favorite wine of the night was the bubbly. I have had the taste for divine champagne from France. Now all I want to drink is champagne. I just love bubbles in my drink! This was from Italy.
The dessert was great but I couldn't get my cookie to break. It was chewy, very ultra chewy. The caramel sauce had some chili in it for a little kick. Not too much though.
We enjoyed the dinner immensely, which is why I'm sharing it with you. 
Beer watch day 3, the yeast is continuing its job of eating all the sugars. I still have the fun bubbles coming up from the airlock. On the running front, I was able to defer my Bentonville half marathon until next year. Thank goodness! I was looking forward to rolling hills and beautiful scenery. I can't wait!

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