Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Running update

Beer watch day two. The yeast is continuing to feast. The bubbles are quite active. This might be my favorite part of brewing beer. It's lots of fun to watch the bubbles come up through the airlock.

I walked and ran the GloRun in the frigid cold near Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City. I was on and off the grass the entire 3 miles and that was super bad for my ankle. This is the ankle I rolled on a rock at the Red Coyote Pack Pint Run. It's clearly not healed. I had my brace on but the unstable surface was too much.
I was stuck in a 30 minute line of cars waiting to leave the course. Fortunately, it was warm but the race director that decided the course should cross the only road to leave was a huge idiot. I had to wait until all the walkers were off the course. (Insert angry emoji here!)
I then ran and walked 7 miles the next morning. I didn't notice anything but a little soreness. As it turns out, my ankle was completely swollen. (I like to say fat because it looked like cankles but that sounds wrong.) My friend then told me that I could be doing permanent damage to my ankle. Then hubby told me not to do the half this weekend. Then my coach told me not to do the half this weekend. I'm so sad but I gave my registration away to someone else. Now I can't join the half fanatics and I can't tell what to do with my ankle. My guess is that I strained it originally and just reinjured it. 
Post run delicious waffle. I ate the entire waffle. On a separate note, I am considering Weight Watchers. My mom and sister are raving about it and want me to join. But it's not free and Myfitnesspal is. Any of you Weight Watcher fans have any thoughts? Has anyone joined and then went back to Myfitnesspal? My clothes are feeling too tight again. Sigh. The journey continues.

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