Saturday, January 16, 2016

Breakfast Burrito Champions in OKC.

The following is a list of my favorite breakfast burritos in Oklahoma City. I have been to quite a few places and there are more to discover. I have added hyperlinks for you to go and check each place out online.
This beautiful burrito is from Cafe Evoke in Edmond. It's full of egg, cheese, meat, and potatoe. And today it was prepared in advance, which worked out marvelously. 
This is an old pic of the yummy insides. 
This is the next burrito champion from Kamps 1910 in Oklahoma City. Same high level ingredients and it was definitely another champion in my books. 
This larger than life burrito is from Picasso Cafe in Oklahoma City and its on the brunch menu. It was huge and super good! Tons of cheese, meat, eggs and potatoes. The meat is chorizo, a very nice touch. I will say, it is a little too large, which is not a problem. 
I absolutely adore this burrito from Fuzzy's Taco Shop, which is a chain with multiple locations. It's the perfect combination of meat, egg and cheese. The bacon is probably my favorite but chorizo and sausage are also options. Isn't bacon always perfect for breakfast burritos?
Honorable mention goes to Perk Place in Edmond. It's super cheesy and there is bacon or sausage as an option. There is no potatoe and it's a little small. So these are the breakfast burrito champions of Oklahoma City. As I get to other places, I will do a Part II. 

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