Monday, January 18, 2016

Meal plan Monday

I purposely waited until today to write this post so I could revel in the alliteration. Satisfaction. 
I made breakfast, lunch, and dinner yesterday for the entire week. Because eating right is important but cooking isn't my thing. 
The omelettes weren't what I wanted but it was close enough. 
The lunch hasn't been tried yet. 
It's gotta be good though. 
I may not be able to eat all of these veggies for dinner. I'm planning to use them in some egg dish for next week breakfasts. 
I don't mind eating the same thing all week. As long as each week is different, I see no problems. 
My reward is healthy food with no more effort than what was exerted yesterday. Winning!
Pretty latte from Coffee Slingers. 

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  1. Props to you. I did not meal prep at all this week. We'll see how things pan out.


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