Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Running exploits

This past weekend, I ran the Remember The Ten Run in Stillwater. It's about an hour north of Oklahoma City. 
Pre-race selfie with the flag. We opted for the 10k, which was the perfect taper run for the memorial half coming up this Sunday. 
Sunday's weather is looking good so far!
I look ridiculous in this photo because my arms are not long enough. I swear I don't have a double chin! We were close to my pr, with a finish time of 1:24 (pr is 1:21). I'd like to do a few more 10ks to work on speed but there's not a lot of races that offer that length. 
Post race lunch was delicious but I was wishing there was more avocado. Tonight is the veggie dinner at Picasso Cafe! Check my Instagram for photos of each course and each wine. 

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  1. I love 10k's they are fun for me. :) Great job!


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