Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Picasso Cafe's monthly veggie dinner

Welcome to a new monthly installment on my blog, the veggie dinner. I am not compensated for this post but I've had 2 veggie dinners now and they've been fantastic. 
The food, the photos, the menu, the theme each month, all creates perfect blog materiel. This month was home sweet homestead, in honor of Oklahoma day, which is today. 
It's important to start the dinner with a drink. This time was a Belgium from Anthem Brewing Company, new local brewery in Oklahoma. 
We always add the wine pairings and this month was all white wines. Not Blue's (my husband) favorite but he managed alright. 
Stab, dip, eat. Delicious. Some plates looked more symmetrical than my own. Seating was a little odd. We had to share a table with two other people. They were nice though and we enjoyed the dinner. 
Each course was paired with wine by Johnny Walker, the beverage manager. One of these days. I need to ask if he did that on purpose since he loves drinks so much. I probably won't ask. 
The vinaigrette on this salad is from The Priarie Gypsy, another local company. I loved this course. The combination of crunchy to soft was perfect. 
Another wine for another course. At this point in the dinner, we are all having a good time. 
This is a cold soup and I just loved the crispy shallots. 
Each wine was from another country. We had a French, a Spanish, a South African, and a Willamette Valley from Oregon (home!). The last wine was from Oklahoma because it was an Oklahoman inspired dinner. 
This was the main course. Pasta from Pasta Pizazz, another local. It was the perfect main course with just the right amount of pasta. I always cook too much pasta. 
Last Oklahoma wine, a Riesling. Naturally, that means dessert is next. 
This is a root beer float with root beer from AAA here in Oklahoma. The plate was an unusual presentation and it was a little on the soupy side. I still enjoyed it. 
The verdict is a two thumbs up from me and Blue (aka Ryanchristopherart, click the button in my sidebar to check out his portfolio). All of this was live instagrammed at my account esthernorine. If you're not following me yet, please click the button on the side bar. Many thanks to the chef and the staff at Picasso Cafe. 

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