Monday, April 20, 2015

Beer will be brewed

I've been going through my equipment, taking stock of what I have and what I need. 

This is the all important kettle for boiling the water and wort. Wort is hops and water combined. All of this learning about brewing beer has me so excited!

These are the food grade buckets. One will act as a fermenter and the other will be used on bottling day. There's a lid for the fermenter. Fermentation will take about a week.

The important ingredients include the malt extract (I've learned that what I bought was an extract kit and it must get this name from the malt extract). The hops come next and the final step will be to pitch the yeast. I hope the yeast is hungry and eats all the yummy hops I'll be providing. The instructions say this is an easy kit. I hope so. I'll brew by myself and maybe bottle by myself. Things I'm missing:thermometer and hydrometer. I'm also trying to figure out how to use my sanitizer. I have a powder that needs to be mixed with hot water.

Future posts include, TV, Picasso Cafe veggie dinner and Sandals reunion week. I have so many photos to get to from Antigua! In other news, Prickly Pete has come to live on our front porch. We let the winter kill the last cactus. Why not try again? 

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  1. My husband loves brewing his own beer, he hasn't done it since we moved but i know he wants to get back into it.


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