Sunday, April 26, 2015

Half marathon #okcmarathon #r2r

The race was huge with over 25,000 runners! Traffic was a mess and walking to corral D was the hardest part of the race. 
Packet pickup was easy though. 
There were so many water stations and the people who lived along the course came out with champagne!
Crazy part, the sea of people never ended. All 13.1 miles, we were constantly dodging people. 
I was running when I took this, hence the lack of focus. This big guy pointed us in the right direction throughout the race. I called him Zone because it says zonecrew on the leg. I wanted to call him orangey. 
There's always that one guy dressed up like captain America with the flag. (Not really but I thought that was funny and crazy.)
The capital was full of flags. 
We can always trust zone to tell us where to go. 
Mile 6 or 7 was gorilla hill. The hill was not fun but there was a gorilla, bananas to eat and crazy guys in banana costumes. 
This finish line was great and there were finisher shirts! The line to the shirts was dumb long but I ran 13.1 miles and I wasn't leaving without that shirt. 
Snuck a selfie at the finish. I also got a burger and Oreos. My finish time was lackluster. 
My first half was the fastest. I guess I keep getting distracted but I'm happy to have crossed the finish line. 
We didn't realize until the end but Celeste put her bib on upside down. We laughed and laughed and I'm still laughing now. I also tripped and almost ate cement. Thank goodness I am quick on my feet. 
A celebratory beer was earned and enjoyed, after a 3 mike bike ride. I had to bike back too. So 13.1 miles running and 6 miles biking. I'm a badass. 

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