Monday, April 27, 2015

What beer means to me...

Many years ago, I went through a dark time. A time when my husband went to grad school in a different state for two miserable years. I grew a lot during that time. I learned that I am a strong person. At times, it would be difficult for me to get out and socialize.

I was living in Denver and on the weekends my only conversations were with the cats. This was because all my friends moved away around the same time as well. After I graduated my grad program, I needed to find something to occupy my social time. If I didn't, I found myself wallowing in depression. Cats are sweet but that wasn't enough.

I went to and found Pedals and Pints. I'd go biking with them regularly. I started to go to beer dinners at a couple of the chain breweries. I went on beer brewery tours. I made friends and did my best to have fun. 

This blog was originally started during this time. The blog was a great source of therapy then too. I didn't have any followers and I didn't participate in blog hops. None of that mattered because I was able to express my feeling and emotions. 

So beer has a special place in my heart. Now I drink beer for the enjoyment and craft. I look forward to my first batch of craft beer. I am also thankful for all the seasoned Brewers in Red Earth Brewers in Oklahoma City. They've been a great support in getting me prepared.

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