Saturday, January 10, 2015

Half marathon training update and Cafe Evoke

Today, I finished a very cold 5 miles with my friends, Deirdre and Rachel. It wasn't too windy but the temperature was around 20 degrees. I bundled up in tons of layers because it was so cold. 

Me and Rachel after we got inside. 

We went to Cafe Evoke in Edmond Oklahoma. The warm drinks and breakfast burritos hit the spot. 

Hot chocolate. 

They got my name wrong but I'm used to it. 

Breakfast burrito. 

The waffles look good and I may have to get that next time. 

I've been working on nutrition because the same 10 pounds came back. Uninvited of course. I'm in a different place in my weight loss journey. I'm training for another half marathon and I know nutrition will help get me there. I also need some strength training. This should help me speed up and have good form. 

I didn't take a photo because it was dark last night but the kitties have been cold and cuddling closer. 


  1. That's training dedication. The burrito (as always) looks amazing. When's the race?

  2. You are awesome my friend, it's cold and rainy here so it made for a not so fun run this morning.


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