Sunday, January 4, 2015

Half marathon training

1 - Yesterday, I tried to run 4 miles. Instead, I barely ran/walked 2.5 miles in 38 minutes. I didn't have a lot of time and my body was dehydrated. I do that to myself a lot on the weekends. 
2 - 
This is how I find myself dehydrated. My favorite beer was in tap at the bar with my mug. I couldn't resist having two mugs. 
3 - 
Everyone is cold around here. With the tempuratures barely in the 20s and whipping winds, we are all wrapped up in blankets. 
4 - 
I had delicious pizza. Yum!
5 - I'm considering making cookies to warm up. Chocolate chip cookies sound good.
6 - This week, I'm going to try turkey sandwich wraps for lunch. I've been noticing a pattern of not getting enough protein. This should solve that problem. 
7 - We bought our plane tickets for Antigua and they were the wrong dates. Fortunately, my hubby got the dates changed at sandals. 
8 - Only 89 days until sandals!
9 - I didn't win the powerball or the megamillions. Fortunately, there's another drawing.
10 - I'm gong to put away the laundry so I can feel like something was accomplished today. I had to work yesterday and that always throws off my weekend routine.

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  1. Sometimes it's hard to get in the mood for running especially when your body fights back.


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