Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Successes, goals, and an Ode

This year has been great with many successes although I have not blogged as much as I used to.  I've trained and ran 2 half marathons. I kept my time under 3 hours each time.

I got to spend quality time in the Bahamas. I can't wait to go back!

I rescued a kitten by bringing him to a shelter to find him a home. 

I bought us the cutest little house to live in in Oklahoma City. Even the front door greets you when you come over.  

Goals for next year will include two half marathons and training for a whole in January 2016. I'm also considering Golds Gym's competition to kick my training into high gear. I managed to gain some weight back and I'll need to lose again. I'm not too concerned about it this time. I know I've got to get my nutrition and training in check and the weight will be back where it needs to be. 

Next years vacation will include sandals reunion week at Antigua! Yay! And a week on our private Bahamian island! 

Ode to my mug

Oh mug, how I enjoy thy bounty. Full of beer and brimming with excitement for my tastebuds.

Oh mug, how I love your size and my name emblazoned on your side. 

Oh mug, how I love to drink from you. My only desire is to fill you with my favorite beer from my favorite brewery. Tis a shame McNellies can't keep Rogue beers on tap.

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  1. You are so awesome and I am incredibly proud of you for all you have accomplished. :)

  2. Which two half marathons are you considering? (Or do you have any in mind yet?) I'm seriously jealous of your Caribbean plans. :)

  3. Bahamas! I've never been, but that looks amazing. Here's to a great year of running in 2015! Hope you had a great Christmas:) thanks for linking up.


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