Saturday, December 27, 2014

Tapwerks and such

We are 97 days until our Sandals reunion week trip and I feel the countdown is necessary to keep the forward momentum. 

I've lived in Oklahoma City since May of 2011 and while I've moved all around downtown and tried out the suburbs of north OKC, one place has been a constant for us. Tapwerks. It's where we went when a tornado came to Norman. It's where we went for special events and beer festivals. 

The bar is made of copper and it's very long. Behind the bar is a plethora of beers on tap.

The food is nothing special. Nachos, chips, wings but that's not why you should go to TapWerks. Go for the beer, the atmosphere and ambiance. With its exposed roof beams, Tapwerks has the vibe of a ski bar or a rustic lodge.

My biggest complaint is not the food or the service. It's the fact that Tapwerks has a cover charge on Fridays and Saturdays after 7:30 pm for the live music on the second floor. Considering I never go to the second floor for this music, I avoid the place if I'm out late. It's too bad they can't move that cover charge to the top of the staircase and let me in for free.

Final note, Tapwerks hosted an Instagram contest and I won. My prize was a $50 gift card which I promptly drank it up in all the beers I could. 

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