Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rogue Brewery Review

With the break in my half marathon training, I'm adding some other topics. I've recently returned from Portland Oregon and I'll be writing about the places I've visited. I'd also like to do some posts on my little neighborhood in Oklahoma City. Finally, I'm hoping to start brewing beer for fun and I think that could be some good blog material. 

Rogue is our favorite brewery in Oregon. They grow their own hops and pumpkins for their beers. They have grown a lot over the years and now have distilleries, pubs, farm and the brewery. We were planning to spend the night at their bed and beer but we changed our mind at the last second. They were understanding and didn't charge us any fees for canceling. 

We are Rogue nation citizens and got our proper ID cards when we went to lunch. Then we bought beer, vodka, and tshirts. Lunch was delicious! 

When you sit down at a table the server immediately brings you a sample of beer. It's such a nice touch and I've not seen another brewery do that. We had to go back for a second lunch before leaving Oregon. I'll finish off with those photos. I would highly recommend you try the following beers: Voodoo Maple Bacon, Moms Hefeweizen, Beard Beer and the Honey Kolsch. 

These are all my opinions and my only compensation was not being charged the full room rate when we canceled the morning of our planned stay. 

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