Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Top Five

1) I lost one pound in one week. Only nine more pounds/weeks to go.
2) I made banana bread with whole wheat flour and some chocolate chips. Yum!
3) I'm keeping my calorie count together on Myfitnesspal.
4) I'm trying to decide how I'll keep from over doing in on Thanksgiving.
5) I am running a 5k on Thanksgiving and perhaps another on Friday.
Today, I am linking up with Jessica @Home Take 2 for Wonderful Wednesday.
Please stay tuned for Thankful Thursday and please comment any turkey day tips you may have.
(I really need the help!)



  1. Maybe, enjoy your turkey day off your diet?! Then get back on your diet the next day? Gotta get some yummy food that day!

  2. Good for you and good luck on your upcoming run!

  3. Dont beat yourself up too bad for indulging a little bit tomorrow. It's Thanksgiving!!! Congrats on losing the pound. Keep it up!!! And thanks so much for linking up!!! xoxo


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