Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Top Pic Tuesday

If God can create such stunning beauty that lasts for a second, then isn't laughable that I worry about my problems. I love taking photos of flowers. They are absolutely gorgeous but don't last long at all. (Especially if I am taking care of the plant since I do not have a green thumb.) I am very thankful to God for taking care of my needs, even when I don't realize he is at work (which is probably most of the time.) Please remember, if you would like to borrow these photos, you can but link back to me. If you would like a hard copy, I would love to get it printed for you and sent out, free of charge. I love to share.
Please stay tuned for Weight Loss Wednesday.
I'm linking up with Melissa at The Life of A Not So Ordinary Wife.


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  1. Those photos are absolutely beautiful! I'm waiting for my 50 mm lens to arrive so I can take awesome pictures. :)

    I would love for you to stop by and say hi sometime! leslyni.blogspot.com

    Have a great day!


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