Monday, September 24, 2012

Make a Difference Monday

Dear Bloggy Friends,
Whenever possible it is good to give back to your community. Find your passion and volunteer with it. I enjoy too many hobbies to count (oops.) On occasion, I can be found volunteering at an art gallery or I have taught piano lessons to under-priviledged children. I have plans to crochet scarves for the needy and someday I hope to learn how to make hats (round seems too hard at the moment.) I love animals but could never volunteer with them. If an opportunity came to run a race or volunteer at an auction, I would happily oblige. There's never a shortage of opportunities.

The only problem I have discovered is many of these fabulous non-profits need money. A lot of money. I never have enough for myself (in my own opinion.) I also am not interested in calling people for money or any other type of fundraising. The good news is I can do what I like and it still provides assistance to worthy organizations.

Please tell me what you have done or would like to do. Its always fun to share ideas. I decided it would be fun to change my blog design a little. What do you think?

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