Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top Pick Tuesday

One of the best trips we ever took was in Australia. We had rented a camper van for three weeks and we took our time exploring the east coast. We were always staying at campsites designed for campers and our fellow campers were very friendly. It was at camp that I learned the Australian phrase, " How ya going?" It took me a little bit to get what he was saying. This picture is from our fave spot, Port Macquarie (don't hold me to the spelling here.) The fish and chips were to die for but the pancakes were not what we expected (they were so tiny!) I am referring to two separate restaurants in the little town. If given the opportunity, I would visit again. It would be very cool to live in Australia for a time too.

This is one of my best photos, taken with a Canon Elph, when I didn't really know how to use the camera. I had just gotten it. All of my photos are copyrighted and you are welcome to ask me for a copy and attribute it to me.

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  1. This looks absolutely beautiful! I would love to visit Australia one day.

    Thank you for linking up to Travel Tuesday!


    1. Thanks Kerrie! It was an awesome trip and few language issues. :) I'll try to link up next week too. Some of my best photos are from vacations.

  2. Camping is one of the best ways to explore an area? So what does How Ya Going? mean?

    1. Camper vanning it was an awesome choice. We did get lost but we were able to explore at our own pace and do what we wanted whenever it suited us. How ya going is kinda like saying "How's it going?" or "How are you doing?" It was a surprise to us to be in an english speaking country and not quite get "it" at first. I definitely want to go back.


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