Monday, September 19, 2011


My adventure started immediately after work. I quickly changed and got on my bike. I was on a mission to meet with a group of people who bike from pub to pub. Daylight is waning every week, so there wasn’t as much time as the summer. I made it to Joey’s Pizzaria just as most of the group was arriving. I enjoyed a happy hour Bud Light and then enjoyed a Coop Native Amber. Ah...refreshing. Then it was off to the next location, Bossa Nova, where Coop Oktoberfest was on tap. Fabulous! The night was creeping up on me and I hurriedly rushed home since I didn’t have my head lamp with me. Still it was a fun, relaxing, comfortable temperature evening with good conversation and a cardio workout in between places.

What’s a perfect evening for you?

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