Thursday, September 15, 2011


Some days, I feel that my cats have it all. Love, food, no responsibility and lots of sleep. I don’t have any scientific accuracy of how much sleep they get. My cats get about 20 hours of sleep a day. They are the sweetest and quietest when they’re sleeping too.

I would never try for 20 hours of sleep in a day but while traveling in Australia I did get 10 hours every night. That is an unusually long time for me to sleep. Clearly our bodies will let us know what we need.

For my friends who can’t sleep, I pray that you will find it. LIfe without sleep is unbearable and miserable. Sleep. Its not just for cats.

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  1. Hi friend!!! I love this post and wish I could be a cat for a day or two.... I have 4 hours per night these days : ( . Miss ya!


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