Friday, April 22, 2016

Picasso Cafe and Red Earth Brewers

The third week of the month is always busy because of the vegetarian dinner and the beer club meeting. 
The dinner was fantastic! The theme was breakfast for dinner. 
I love breakfast. It's the best meal and perfectly appropriate at all times. 
I got a fabulous run in Wednesday night with Res Coyote too. 
And then the Thursday night fun. I started the run early so I could get to the club meeting on time. 
Then at the meeting, we discussed the local liquor laws and how people are trying to change them. 
Then we discussed the Oklahoma craft beer week. Tapwerks is looking for volunteers to pour beer. What a big responsibility. 
I might be interested in pouring. I checked with hubs and he's out. I heard something about how pouring beer is work. The reward is a free entry. 
Happy Friday friends! Expo and packet pickup is tonight and the half on Sunday! I'm excited!!

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