Friday, April 8, 2016

March recap and ankle update

It's hard to read but I made it to 38 miles and a lot of that was walking. I reinjured my ankle March 4 at the stupid Glo Run and then ran 7 miles the following morning. 
This resulted in a swollen ankle. I finally went to the doctor and confirmed that nothing is broken. Thanks to Lori for telling me to check out the doctor. 
He recommended physical therapy and the therapist taped my ankle. 
My first run back last night was a success! Now I have my exercises and a plan to strengthen the muscles around the ligaments. 
Apparently, ligaments don't snap back to regular length. It's weird because the ankle is tight but the ligaments are loose and the muscles are not strong. 
Bible reading goal: I've been on top of it! I forgot a couple of weekends but I got back on it!

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