Friday, April 1, 2016

Highs and lows this week

Closing on our condo in Denver is today! That's the highlight of the week. 
I lost a pound on the scale this week. Another highlight. 
Now for the low. I interviewed on Wednesday for a job at my current company and didn't get it. I'm frustrated and not sure what to do. I didn't ask for any feedback because I was too frustrated. 

I don't think that I understand what is expected. I don't know what questions to ask to gain that understanding. At the end of the day, this is an insurance job. I'm not passionate about it but I did want to move up in the company. I have some people telling me that I do good work. I have some people telling me that I need to improve. 
Truth be told, I might cry. Hopefully nobody tries to talk to me. I feel like an utter failure. Not just from work but from home too. 
Hubby had choice words on how I'm not helping him sell his art. Nothing has been done. As I pondered it, there is an expectation he has for me that he didn't tell me about. So how can I do what he wants if he doesn't tell me what he wants? I guess I need to work on my mind reading skills. 
This is a personal post. If you read it, please comment. I doubt anyone will read it though. I'm not going to post it anywhere. I just need a place to vent and my blog is perfect for that sometimes. 

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