Thursday, February 4, 2016

Stuff and things

"Linking" up with my girls Kristin and Joey. The link is in the sidebar. 
1-I'm currently being orbited by stress from various sources. So I'm implementing my stress reduction strategies. (Future blog post.)
2-I weighed in yesterday and did not lose any weight. On the plus side, I didn't gain any weight. Winning. 
3-I'll be brewing my third batch of beer this weekend. 
4-I ran 7 miles on Sunday and I'm still feeling it. My shoes have kicked the bucket early. Everything is cracking, popping and hurty. I press on and will be running in the new shoes for all long runs. 
5-I played piano last night. It was awesome. There's no photo of that. 
6-I'm running lots of races and I'm excited. My hubby is not. Somehow it's my fault the plane tickets cost 50k to 80k miles. And the dates he wanted were a race weekend. 
7-Maybe I'm not winning after all. 
8- All the art came down. Nothing sold. I press on and will get him into more art galleries. 

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  1. Not gaining might be considered a win. Maybe?
    What brand of shoes do you like? I often think that maybe I hate running because I never found the right shoes.
    Hope your week turns around :)


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