Monday, February 8, 2016

Stuff and Things

1 - I have officially completed my third batch of beer and the yeast is currently feasting. It's so much fun to watch the bubbles come up through the air lock. That's how you know the yeast is doing its thing.

2 - I've meant to write a post on my stress relief strategies. I've been distracted but one of the strategies is to complete a task. I best be on it.

3 - This post was meant to be about the beer brewing only. Then I didn't finish but I'm putting the photos randomly in this post.

4 - I had issues with brewing on Sunday. It started out with not enough liquid malt extract. Then the wort chiller didn't fit the kitchen sink. Then the beer won't have enough time to condition in the bottles. I will prevail. 

5 - This batch will be dubbed Blonde Moment. 

6 - I think the stress levels should be slowing down here pretty soon. Good news has arrived. Hallelujah!!!

7 - The wort chiller did a fabulous job of cooling the wort to reasonable levels. It took a lot of water and about 15 minutes.

8 - I tried trail running and got lost. I'll attempt it again but never by myself. That was dark!

9 - My latest health craze is drinking lemon water. I pulverized the lemons and strained it 4 times to come up with some sort of lemon paste, which I then mixed into the water. FYI it's lemony but I'm liking it more than water. 

10 - I tried the Molten Hot Chocolate from Starbucks with coffee. It was good but not sweet like I expected. Still it was a good drink.

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