Monday, February 29, 2016

Mashed In

Clearly, I will need to practice my selfie skills. I still refuse to buy a selfie stick though. I had the distinct pleasure of participating in Mashed In. It's a home brewers showcase in Oklahoma City. You may not be aware but liquor laws are out of date in Oklahoma. 
Please read up on that from the Thirsty Beagle blog. I had brewed this beer on February 7th, leaving me no time to get it bottled and ready for the festival. Fortunately, I am in a very active home brewers club with tons of assistance. In this case, I have borrowed a keg, a fridge, a picnic tap and at the festival, I had to borrow a bucket too. (#brewerfail) 
I also lost this cup right at the end of the festival. On my brew day, I had discovered that my purchasing was off and there wasn't enough liquid malt extract. I pursued to make the beer anyways and we measured it at 3% abv, which is lower than the recipe predicted. 
All problems aside, I dubbed the beer Blonde Moment in honor the hiccups I found along the way. It received good comments. It's also important to note that this was my third attempt at brewing beer. So I'm headed in the right direction.
Special thanks to all those who helped me. I will be pouring the rest of the keg at the Food Bank's fundraiser for hungry kids at the Cowboy Museum on March 10th. If you like to drink beer, brewing 5 gallon batches is totally feasible. I do it in my little kitchen with my gas range. 

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