Monday, February 22, 2016

Ambassador Hotel in OKC opening night

I was invited via Instagram and that had me quite excited. I knew there would be snacks and drinks. I expected the best to be rolled out and I was not disappointed.
We were directed to the 7th (top) floor for the opening reception. There was an open bar and I watched the bartender make a proper old fashioned (not my drink so no photo.) It looked fantastic!
Around the corner there were plates full of snacks and a wine bar from Sebastiani in Napa Valley. There were 2 whites and 4 or 5 red wines to choose from.
These toast sandwiches were heavenly!
These were cheesecake pops and that was incredible too. I loved the display in the watermelon but it was odd having it next to the savory items. 
There was mustard to go with these things. 
I ate at least 3 of these macaroons and they were very good. A little chewy but the flavor was spot on. They were so cute and some were sparkly. 
These cute drinks were very tasty and full of champagne. They were actually too tasty and we had to get some extra snacks before we took off.
The outdoor patio is equipped with heaters. Very chic looking.
Check out this view from the O Bar. I didn't realize there was a reflection when I took the photo but that tall building is the Devon tower.
The rooms had nice king or queen beds and marble showers. 
The Presidential Suite had furnishings from Restoration Hardware, my personal favorite for furniture.
The Presidential Suite also had a sweet tub and marble shower. 
The first floor had a conference room that could accommodate 15 people for meetings or private lunches. 
I had a great time checking out this property and it's just down the street from me. I hope I win the giveaway. I could use a night away from the cats. They're blanket hogs. 
"I don't hog blankets," Chomps.

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