Monday, March 7, 2016

February Recap

My goals this year are to read the bible in a year and to run 1000 miles. I had two weekends where I forgot to read the bible but I was able to catch up quickly. I'm still on track for that goal!
I had a dismal showing on my runs for this month because on February 18, I rolled my ankle and continued to finish the 3 mile run. I took a break but I couldn't rest forever. I'm putting myself on physical therapy. Basically, that means I am still working out, including the injured ankle. I expect that I will heal but it is going to take a long time because I can't sit around and do nothing until it's healed. It's my right foot, which gets used for everything. 
I had my fastest 10K on Feburary 13th! I'm picking up speed!
I enjoyed the vegetarian dinner at Picasso cafe. 
I was also able to pour my beer for the Mashed In home brewers showcase in Oklahoma City. Basides the injury, it has been a good month. I am having concerns that I won't make my goal of running 1000 miles this year. I will need to get over 100 miles for multiple months. My larger concern is making sure I cross the finish line on the two half marathons I've registered for at the end of this month. Whew have I got some lofty goals! 
So what are your goals this year? Are making progress?

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