Saturday, January 2, 2016

Paris recap day 2

I imagine that you are already feeling some jealousy. After all, I was in Paris on Christmas Day. 
Day two, was primarily spent in the Louvre. Tell me that glass pyramid feels out of place. The Louvre is from the 1600 and 1700s. The glass pyramid seems too modern to me.
We walked around admiring all the art and I snapped selfies along the way. One place I did not snap a selfie was the Mona Lisa. There was a crowd of 50 people and they were all snapping selfies. It seemed cliche to copy those folks. True story:everyone walked past five Davinci masterpieces to check out the Mona Lisa. Some people missed out. 
We had a light lunch. I asked for a croissant and the reply was, we only have chocolate. I happily agreed to the substitution. Ham and cheese is apparently a standard lunch option. Hubby had that. We enjoyed this lunch in the Louvre so we could continue the adventure. 
Double espressos for everyone. 
Hubby is enjoying his espresso. Shameless plug here, he is an artist and currently displaying his work at Picasso Cafe in Oklahoma City. I'm excited, obviously. When I'm excited, I repeat myself a lot. That's just the way I roll. I drive him nuts sometimes. Haha!
This is the victory statue from Greece. Very cool!
For dinner, there was more bread and we tried Duck Confit. 
We love duck but we don't necessarily enjoy things fried. So that was a flop.
Of course there was another double espresso. From here we went to a snack shack for Diet Coke and Pringles. We snuck crown and jack with our toothpaste and drank in our room while we tried to find something on the tv. We watched pawn stars dubbed in French. It was the best we could do. Normally, we would have a Yahtzee tournament but we forgot the dice. The electronic dice lead hubby to believe I'm cheating. Monday was our shortest step day. Only 13,300 steps. 

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  1. I always wondered what the point of the pyramid was...I could google it I suppose.
    And yes, jealous.


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