Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! Paris day 1 recap

I wanted to start the year out with a little recap on Paris.
The plane was giant and it should be since the flight is 11 hours long. 
The beer and wine flowed freely. If I wanted to, I could have gotten drunk. I didn't really want that though. I had one beer and one wine.
Dinner was acceptable and there was a light breakfast snack that I enjoyed. Hubby did not enjoy the breakfast as much. Diary is not his friend and there was yogurt. 
We landed in the morning and I snapped a shot. It's up further north than okc. The sun rise at 8 something and set at 5 something. I noticed that immediately. 
Border control was a snap. We went to the atm, got a cab and headed to our hotel. We were not surprised when the room wasn't ready. After all, it was 9:30 am. (We left Dallas at 4pm and we had a tiny snooze on the plane. One person decided to bring a 6 month old or younger baby on the flight and she was not a nice flyer. We were super tired.) Obviously, we went to Starbucks to rally.
We walked for several hours. 
I snapped a lot of iPhone pics. 
The camera did a good job. 
It doesn't do as good of a job when I'm walking and snapping. 
That was my first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower. 
Obligatory selfie. 
The. We had more coffee.
And a light lunch. 
My coffee of choice was double espresso because hubby ordered that and it was infinitely easier to say two than to order something else. In hindsight, I wish I had ordered a hot chocolate once. Instead, I saved calories for bread. 
I went and bought 6 of these macaroons (and if I spelled this wrong, you still know what I mean by the photo.) 
It was only 11 am and we had to keep wandering until 3 pm. 
There were Christmas trees!
This is one end of the Louvre. 
The glass pyramid looks cool but totally doesn't fit in. 
Some arc but not the famous one. 
Obligatory crepe stand pic. 
We then enjoyed dinner. 
Lots of bread. 
French onion soup. No museums were visited but we did fit in 15,400 steps. 


  1. That soup looks amazing. And the bread. I'd save calories for bread too.
    I'm *slightly* jealous.


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