Sunday, January 3, 2016

Paris recap day 3 via iPhone

I forgot to mention earlier, all of these photos are from my iPhone. I had a point and shoot camera but I didn't download those photos yet. We started the day at Starbucks because free wifi and we were looking for Picasso's museum. 
Yes, we found it. The building was a hotel and built in the 1600's. 
Crazy old wood beams on the top floor. 
After looking at all of the Picasso's, we went wandering aimlessly. 
Found lunch at a cute cafe next to the Seine. 
Accidentally ordered a giant bottle of house wine. 
Patè (spelling?). 
And of course, all the bread. 
And a double espresso. Then we wandered over to another museum. 
Walking along the Seine. 
Walking past a huge line to Notre Dame. 
We made our way to Musèe d'Orsay, which had free wifi but I couldn't stay connected. I was distracted by all the Van Gogh's and Matisses and Cezanne's and all the other masterpieces. 
It's a large museum. 
I found a bear! After that, we were exhausted and ready for dinner. Turns out Paris is not ready for dinner until 7pm. That was a long wait and worth it. 
He had the duck. 
I had pesto pasta. 
More wine and bread. 
And more double espressos. This day we walked 24,387 steps. A record for the trip. 

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