Saturday, January 9, 2016

Final Paris recap

The last day was an adventure of traveling in the winter time. I'm not sure I want that type of adventure again. We took a taxi from the hotel to the airport and I snapped cool (and not cool) pics. 
That Ferris wheel is giant and it is on the edge of the Christmas markets. 
Found the Louis Vuitton store!
We never made it to the Arc de triumph but here it is from the taxi. 
Since I didn't see it, I couldn't bear to delete the out of focus photos. 
It looked cool and huge. Traveling with just backpacks meant we could bypass the airline counter. The airport was fairly easy to navigate. There was a security checkpoint and border control. Then we went to Starbucks to buy another mug and get coffee. Our flight was delayed by about 40 minutes which meant we were going to miss our flight to OKC. I managed to get rebooked while at the airport in Paris. It's an 11 hour flight and we were traveling back in time. We left 
Paris at noon and got to Dallas at 4 pm. 
There was lunch, ice cream, and a hot pocket snack. They offered all the free beer and wine again but I drank club soda instead. When we landed we had new plane tickets waiting for us, for the following day.
Our flight was canceled due to weather and cue the hours of confusion. Do we go to the gate? Do we rent a car and drive? Do we get a hotel? On and on. We even went to the rental car spot but changed our mind when friends said weather was not looking good. It was 2am in Paris. We got a hotel and went to bed at 7:30 pm Dallas time. The next day we went to our gate to find out that 40 people were all on standby for the same flight. Fortunately, we were near the top of the list and made it to OKC in the morning. We landed at 9:30 am and found no shuttle. I guess we needed to call them since our flight changed. We took a taxi home because I didn't want another day taken from my vacation time. And I wanted to check on my kitties. 
They act like they don't love me but secretly they do. We came home to a sheet of ice. I immediately thought coming home was not a good idea. 

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