Thursday, January 7, 2016

Paris recap, day 7

This is the last full day but I have one more post on the trip after this. 
We went to the Louvre and we got there before opening. There was no line so we went into the Starbucks that's inside the Louvre's mall. Yes, underground the Louvre has a mall with a food court, Starbucks, and an Apple Store. There were other stores too. 
When we were done, the line was stupid long. We stood in it for about half an hour. Looking back on the trip, we only had three lines to deal with and two were the Louvre. Madness. The inverted pyramid is cool looking. There were way too many people to snap a good selfie. 
I managed to snap a selfie with some cool vases. 
We were done with a lot more Louvre at lunch time and went to the food court. It was international with cuisine from all over the world (but America.) We couldn't quite figure it out and hangry was setting in. We ended up at McDonald's for nuggets. That took time to figure out because there was a machine to order from and I thought it was a jerk. It wanted my credit card before my order. 
We missed Montemarte and went back for one final amazing meal at a different restaurant. The server took F.O.R.E.V.E.R and eventually another showed up. Just in the nick of time too because we had been sitting for about half an hour without a hello and we were gonna leave. 
The server recommended this wine and it was fabulous. I must try and find it here. 
Mussels, French onion soup, and bread. It truly was a feast!
Then of course we needed coffee.
From there we went to the Experimental Cocktail Lounge. That was a cool hole in the wall bar that serves top notch drinks. 
Only the freshest ingredients will do. 
We spent too much. 
We drank too much. It was a final hurrah before we had to leave the next day. I had a lot of fun. Max is the manager and top bartender. He was great to chat with. He spoke English and French fluently because his mom is from England. We walked 23,700 steps partially because I was on a mission to find a certain chocolate shop.  


  1. The onion soup looks amazing. And I think walking that many steps is worth it for a chocolate shop!


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