Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Pie and beer

Pie and beer but not in the same day. Not that the two don't go well together, they definitely do when it's the right pairing. I'm talking about two events that I recently participated in and need to share with you. First to the pie. 
After all, food is a top priority for me. Edible OKC recently hosted a celebration event for their fourth issue. Congratulations to them and me because I snagged a free slice of pie and a free issue.
Pie Junkie is the cutest place. I love the decorations and the pie is so good!
This is the coconut cream pie and it was fantastic. By the time I got there, they were down to two flavors: this and apple cranberry. I've enjoyed them before as well. Pie junkie hosts happy hour from 6-7pm, with half price slices. 
The magazine sells for $36 for 6 issues. I was pleased with the photos and the recipes because I love food. I was obviously compensated for this post by the pie. But all opinions are always my own. You can find Edible OKC by copying this link: http://edibleoklahomacity.ediblefeast.com because there is no way to write in HTML in the blogger app. #mobilebloggerproblems
Now to the beer. The Red Earth Brewers Club was invited to pour our home brewed beer at OK Bio brewfest. 
https://www.facebook.com/OKBio/photos/pb.132541953482916.-2207520000.1447206062./930032927067144/?type=3&theater (the link to copy/paste, if you are interested.)
As you may have noticed there was a tub full of pink bottles and you may have seen those bottles before. I like pink and beer. I decided to put the two together. Some comments were positive and some were less than positive. 
Turns out, I'm the only one bottling (at least at this event). Everyone else had their beer in kegs. I will need to upgrade the brewing system on many fronts. I forgot to wear my shirt but I wasn't the only one.
I ended the night feeling quite good partially from the beer and partially from the comments on my beer. Most everyone enjoyed it and I had a few professional brewers tell me it was good. This was my last attempt at an extract kit. I will be moving into recipes but I have to continue to brew with liquid malt extract. My equipment is not ready for brew-in-a-bag, which would be the next logical step. The reason: my kettle is too small. Also, I brew in my kitchen. A larger burner and kettle would not be safe inside. I have found a friends garage to corral when I'm ready. 
Who knew brewing beer was so expensive? I actually, I did kinda know but that didn't stop me. It has just slowed me down. With the cooler temps, the cats are less vocal and more willing to take photos. Obligatory cat photos to follow. 

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  1. Is that a cat in a sack? Too cute.

    Your hair looks really good in these pictures. That was my takeaway :)


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