Thursday, November 12, 2015

Veterans Day at Progressive: Keys To Progress

The company I work for is Progressive and I'm a claims adjuster. Every year we have the Keys To Progress event where we give cars to needy military and regular needy people. 
The cardboard Flo helps too. We used Calm Waters this year and last year. It's a nonprofit that helps families and children through grief from a death of a family member, divorce or other significant event. 
Two shops, Service King and David Stanley Chevrolet donated the time and parts to fix the totaled vehicles that Progressive bought. 
Last year one of the recipients cried. This year we had grateful smiles. 
We got lunch from my favorite Big Truck Tacos. The Rancher and the Wojo is my favorite. The Rancher has potatoes and brisket. The Wojo is veggies sautéed. They had Mexican Coke and that's the good stuff with real sugar. Sorry corn syrup, you suck!
Here's my buddy at work, who is a veteran. Notice how I wore my military green jacket. Yup, that was on purpose. I may not have gotten a lot of work done but that's ok. I had fun with my friends at work celebrating veterans and giving to the community. Any time giving means good food, I'm in n

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