Sunday, September 20, 2015

Brew day English Brown Ale

Here's all the ingredients to make beer. I just need to add water. I used tap water. Next time, I might buy bottled water. 
Here's the dry malt extracts. 
This sock full of malts is soaked in water for about twenty minutes. Once that's done, the liquid is called wort. 
The beginning of the steeping. Let the water turn to wort!
Selfie with the malt sock. I had to hold it while it drained and that took forever!
Next, I started the boiling portion which toon a total of 60 minutes to complete. 
Dry malt extract is added to the boiling water. 
Liquid malt extract is added next and then the wort is brought back to a rolling boil. 
Three different hops were used for this beer. After the book was over, I had to chill the wort as quickly as possible. This time I used ice in the tub with water. It was faster this time. I think my thermometer died. It got stuck on 80 degrees. I needed to bring the wort to 70. After I decided it was stuck, I transferred the wort to the fermenter. (I didn't lift the 2.5 gallons, my muscle di,d aka husband.)
Here is the beer before I pitched the yeast. 
Here is the yeast. 
Here is the yeast on top of the wort (is it still called wort at this point, because I'm not totally sure.)
Here is the air lock. Over the next 4 to 6 days, I will be monitoring the fermentation process and logging it on my blog. The goal is to bottle on Sunday. The instructions indicated that I need to wait 48 hours after the yeast is finished.
After all that, I got a beer at TapWerks. Now I'm pooped. 

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