Saturday, September 19, 2015

Half marathon training update

My Last night I ate Argentinian pizza and empanadas to prepare for today's long run. 
Heaven in my mouth!
My Argentinian friends are big fans of cheese. I am too. 
I was worried about blisters from Thursday's running. I had blisters on both heals. I made it to the end but realized that the blisters hasn't healed all the way. 
I still had a funny smile on my face. I may have lost a toenail on my right foot. That toe is unfortunately swollen and leaking. You're welcome for not showing that to you. 
The half is on October 4th. I'll probably have to run in an older pair because of this toe situation. That's why old shoes stick around. My body heals quickly but I am concerned. 
A 12:41 pace and 11 miles in 2 hours and 19 minutes. I think that would put me at a sub 3 hour half but not 2:30. I will be a happy camper once I've crossed the finish line. 
After the half, I plan on walking a 5k for active recovery and for beer. It's called runtoberfest and its sponsored by Red Coyote. I may regret this decision on Sunday October 4th. 
Chomps is distracting me so I better wrap this up. Tomorrow I'll be brewing beer. Maybe blogging too. We shall see how the weekend shakes out. 


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