Monday, September 21, 2015

Beer watch: day 1

The closet smells like beer and the yeast is feasting on all the sugars I've prepared. 
It's more active than the last batch and it's very exciting. If all goes to plan, bottling will be on Sunday. 
In other news, my knee still hurts and it was likely a bad idea to run this morning. I ran at my slowest pace and I stretched a lot before and after. 
Chomps decided not to pose for me but I took the pic anyways. 
I'm still enjoying making the instagrams with the verse in it. It's something I look forward to doing every day. Although, I assume I'll run out of photos. 
In closing, I am considering a new name for the blog. Something to do with beer, because I plan on making that my brewery's name too. Perhaps beer and running would be appropriate. I don't want to sound like the crazy cat lady but incorporating cats or kitties would be cool too. Brainstorming will commence tomorrow. 

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