Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Beer watch day 3 and evaluation of priorities

The bubbling has slowed significantly but it is still bubbling. The yeast needs a few more days to finish feasting. 

Every day I have opened the youversion app and made a photo with the verse for the day. This is today's. 

I'm still mulling over my brewery name ideas. Lastly, I'm contemplating my priorities. There's a good chance that I'm trying to do too much. 

I work a full time job and I'm usually there 40 hours a week. I probably spend about 45 minutes daily commuting. I get up around 5:30 to hit the gym or earlier for body pump (side eye, why can't the class start at 6?) My free time needs to be reevaluated. I'm trying to accomplish too many things and here is a list: playing piano (I don't practice but I need to), crochet (working on big blanket for the winter), running (half marathons are on the calendar), blogging (writing, journaling, and photos), reading a book (I just started a new book but I won't pick it up enough), brewing beer, learning French for our trip (haven't opened that in weeks.)

The things I waste my free time on include Pinterest, the Simpsons tapped out game, and Instagram. I love hearing pics on Instagram. I can't give it up but maybe I can stop the hearting for awhile. Simpsons is my nightly routine and I'm questioning if I want to give that up. Maybe I'll start small and play only every other night. I've been good with Pinterest and I'm not on it much these days (kinda like Facebook.)

I want to find time for the piano but I'm not sure when. Monday night we have rehearsals (maybe that counts.) Tuesday night is my free night. Wednesday night is church. Thursday night I run. Friday night is date night. Saturday, I run. Sunday, I hang out with my main squeeze. I also haven't practiced because the piano has no permanent home. Another thing to accomplish. 

I guess I'm not done reevaluating. I want to stay focused and make a meaningful life. I have to complete that balancing act of wants, needs, and must do's. I plan on writing about my goals soon. Perhaps tomorrow.

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