Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Beer watch day 2 and Fair Food

The yeast has slowed down but there is a definite bubble. This hopefully means it will be ready to bottle on Sunday!
Corn dog selfie. I was actually eating when this was taken. 
Everything gets fried. 
This looked good. I had it last year. I try to switch it up when I go. 
I was able to enjoy about 1/3 of this before being done. I tried to share but everyone was interested in other things. 
They enjoyed the s'mores cinnamon roll. 
This could be on my list next year. 
This also could be on the list. 
This is fried mac and cheese. It was fantastic!
I'm not sure what this is but she seemed to enjoy it. 
The good craft beer was offered at one beer tent. It had to be enjoyed at the tent because of its high alcohol content. Oklahoma has to be controlling of the good beer. 
Interesting enough, it was the same price as the Coors light. Tomorrow will be beer watch day 3 and the fair animals. I'm still mulling over my brewery name ideas. 


  1. I love fair food, it's good and bad at the same time haha.

  2. We love the fair! We've gone a lot. I loved the Mexican funnel cake.


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