Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Updates on stuff and things

1-Half marathon training is in full swing. I'm kicking some miles butt!
2-I'm losing weight and gaining weight. I've been more consistent with myfitnesspal (esthernorine, friend me!). Last week was a 3 pound loss and this week a 1 pound gain. Here's to next week where I hope to lose 1 pound with my hard work and half marathon training. 
3-Going to Cuppies and Joe tonight in OKC. It will be amazing and I will have the calories freed for it. 
From Picasso cafe and not Cuppies and Joe
4-I'll be at the vegetarian dinner at Picasso cafe next Tuesday for food heaven. 
5-When it cools down, I'll be seeing beer. It's too hot here to adequately chill the wort.  
PS does it seem like I'm obsessed with food? Maybe a little. I guess that's why I'm always trying to lose weight. 

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