Friday, June 26, 2015

Stuff and things

I had chicken and waffles on Sunday. Super delicious! 
Chomps was being cute in the bathroom. Isn't that vanity adorable?
The backyard has been a great hangout. I wish I had more time to chill out. 
My new favorite lunch at Alfredo's is expensive but yummy and on the healthier side. 
I actually ran more than once but this was Tuesday. Kicking it in high gear at 5.0 for 3 miles. 
Another post run selfie at Red Coyote. I love having running buddies!
The post run burger was a fantastic evening treat. 
Look what's growing in our backyard! These beauties decided to say hi last night. My mom thinks it's a star gazer lily. Is that true? It smells amazing. 
Happy Friday friends and just a couple more weeks until I enjoy my first batch of beer. :)

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  1. That picture of Chomps cracks me up! So cute!


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