Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Found it!

I went to Target to get a new Camelbak bottle and I found a Coke Zero with my name on it! I had to have it and then I started looking for more. There were none. Boo! I'm quite pleased with myself for two reasons: I found it and it's my favorite. (Technically, I like all the versions of Coke Zero.) I'm also pleased to find a Diet Coke with Ryan's name on it (cue anniversary photo next week.) Lastly, I found candy corn for Kristin's box. 
Ryan is way easy to find.
My newest hobby is sweaty selfies. I'm also sad to have not lost a pound but happy to have not gained a pound. I will continue to find what works for me.
Turns out a brand new bike requires a tune up. I'm quite on this but I brought it in yesterday. I do hope it will be ready by the weekend. I have zero plans for the holiday but I always manage to find fun. Do you have any holiday plans?

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  1. New water bottles make me really happy for some reason. Also, "Scott" is always a ridiculously easy name to find too.


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