Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Half Marathon Training and Travel Tuesday

Hello Friends!
This is a scheduled post, which is unusual for me because I'm usually blogging on my phone or iPad. FYI, there is no option to schedule posts in the lovely blogger app. (Dear Blogger, please fix that and allow html in the app too.) All of the links are to the different Sandals resorts.
It is only 94 days until our Sandals trip and I thought I would reminisce on prior trips and share a few photos. Above, is the gorgeous white sandy beaches of Exumas Bahamas. It was stunning and the service was top notch! This was our first reunion week experience and it was totally by lucky chance. We have made it our goal to go to reunion week every year now. The reason for this is two fold: tons of extra goodies (free little side trips and swag) and the crowd is not your typical honeymooners (read, a more fun crowd!)
Here I am enjoying a lovely bike ride through the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. We went in January and while it was not "hot" enough for the pool, we had a great trip. This was where we first stumbled upon Sandals Select and all the fabulous rewards.

This was us in St.Lucia La Toc and this may have been my second favorite trip to Sandals because my sweety discovered the joys of being a pool hound!

Today's half marathon training is an easy 3 miles and I will have no problem getting in those miles. I may consider some strength training at the end. It depends on how I am feeling. Lastly, I'm picking up my new phone from fedex! I will have to show off that beauty tomorrow.


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  1. I need a vacation in my life haha but it won't happen until summer. Boo!


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