Monday, November 24, 2014

#rt66run #halfmarathon

This is my prerace photo before heading out to Tulsa. I got downtown early and met up with a friend from runhers. It was her first half and my second. We were both very excited!

This was the starting line before everyone lined up. There was tons of confetti at the beginning! The music was blaring and we were waiting our turn. We were in corral D and it took 20 minutes for the first 3 corrals to get started. The weather was excellent! A light wind, tempuratures in the 50s to start and 60s at the finish.

We ran through old nieghborhoods with mansions and older homes. People cheered us the whole way and they had at least 4 bands throughout the course. There were plenty of portopotties and refueling stations. One of the houses was passing out Dixie cups of Coors light, which was awesomely refreshing. I got tons of comments and compliments on my turkey legs headband. Although some people thought it was chicken legs. Very few people remembered that thanksgiving is around the corner.

The night before, I ate at Savastranos and it did not disappoint. The hills in Tulsa slowed me down tremendously and I was not able to pr, which was a bummer. I'm happy to report that I did cross the finish line under the 3 hour mark and 5 seconds behind my friend. I was doing walk/run intervals and she likes to keep running the whole time. We split up at the first mile and I saw her right before the finish line. I sprinted to try and catch up to her and I just wasn't fast enough. I crossed back and forth across the streets so much that I logged more than 13.1 miles. 

I'll be taking a break from running and I'm hoping to learn the proper race walking technique. I've always wanted to find an Olympic sport that I could be good at and race walking sounds like fun. Thanks to all my friends for supporting me in my half marathon training! I'll be back at it in January. 


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