Sunday, October 26, 2014

Home Tour Part I and Pumpkin Carving

My home greets you with a friendly hello and I think the pumpkins add a nice fall touch. A lot of the house is not finished yet, which is why this is only Part I. Here is the living room and it's fully decorated.

In the early evening we enjoy lots of natural light. Here is the bedroom with the glorious gold chevron paint. 

In the mornings, its so bright in our bedroom. I love all the natural light we get at this time of year.

The kitchen is great but there is a definite lack of a pantry. We will have to buy something. I want a butcher block kitchen island on wheels with storage underneath and a pantry or hutch.

The laundry room is functional with a space to fold clothes.

Finally the backyard is fantastic with two patios but we only use one of them.

I hope you enjoyed Part I of our home tour. Now here is some pumpkin carving from last night!

This is my pumpkin masterpiece. 

Somebody else is much better at pumpkin carving than I am.

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  1. Your fireplace and gas stove are pretty fantastic. Also, the pumpkin. I haven't carved a pumpkin in years.


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